25 Awesome and Creative Ways to use Matcha

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Matcha tea is a nutrient packed superfood, providing cancer protection, increased concentration, increased metabolism and glowing skin! (You can click to   read more about the amazing benefits of Matcha tea.)
It’s not surprising that you would want to try and add more Matcha into your life.
Not sure how? This list of recipes will provide you with all the inspiration you need to get started! Ranging from the classic Matcha latte to snacks, desserts and midweek meals, there is something for everyone in this list!

25 Incredible Matcha Tea Recipes

1. Matcha Milk Bread Turtles  by ful-filled

If you could bring yourself to eat one of these adorable turtles, the white chocolate filling and chocolate dutch crunch topping makes for a heavenly combination with the matcha flavour. Plus making them is super fun. TOO. CUTE!

2.   Matcha Granola  by Panatea

Ever find yourself in a ‘granola rut,’ eating the same old breakfast day after day? This beautiful and unusual looking granola is exactly what you need to mix up your breakfast routine. Great with fruit and yoghurt, or as a vibrant splash of colour on top of a smoothie bowl.

3. DIY Pore Minimizing Face Mask  by SHEuncovered

If you’re into natural beauty, this easy to make, pore minimising Matcha facemask will be right up your street! This face mask contains Activated Charcoal which draws out toxins from the skin, and Bentonite Clay which absorbs the toxins. On top of that, it makes the most of Matcha’s antioxidising and anti-inflammatory properties. Goodbye, blackheads!

4. Green Tea Cookies by Just One Cookbook

Nami’s recipes are always easy to follow and delicious, and this one is no exception. This recipe tasted soo much better than the Matcha cookies you can buy at Japanese stores! They also received the thumbs up from my boyfriend who is Japanese, so I’ll take that as a sign of success!

5.   Matcha Smoothie  by The Yummy Mummy’s Kitchen

The Yummy Mummy’s version of a smoothie bowl is packed with fresh and healthy ingredients and is bound energize you for the day. She also shares how to adapt it into a regular drinkable smoothie if you don’t want to make a full meal of it. Now if only I could get mine to look as good as her picture…

6. Matcha Chocolate  by Just One Cookbook

These Matcha white chocolate squares are inspired by the smooth, melt in your mouth truffle style chocolate squares you can get your hands on in Japan. Luckily for us, Nami at Just One Cookbook has created this easy to use recipe so that we can eat this delicious chocolate wherever we are!

7. Chocolate Matcha Energy Balls  by The Healthy Maven

Davida over at The Healthy Maven has harnessed Matcha’s energising properties to put together some blissful Chocolate Matcha Energy Balls. They’re completely vegan and keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge, so if you can resist the temptation to eat them all at once you will have the perfect solution on hand when the 3pm slump hits!

8.   Matcha Green Tea Green Waffles  by Fit Foodie Finds

Did you know that there was such a thing as healthy waffles? Me neither! That is, until I came across these gluten and dairy free waffles packed with Matcha goodness. Plus they only take 20 minutes to get on the table. Sounds good to me!

9. Matcha Green Granola Bars  by My New Roots

Sara at My New Roots has put together this Matcha granola bar as a perfect substantial snack for those ‘in-a-pinch’ moments. She even explains how you can customise the recipe to suit whats in your store cupboard right now.

10. Green Tea Fudge  by Living Well Mom

Erika at Living Well Mom says that the hardest part of this recipe is being patient enough to wait for the fudge to set before eating it. Admittedly you are probably better to only stick to one or two pieces of this fudge, BUT if you compare it to the store bought stuff, it is a much more wholesome option.

11. Black Bean Burgers with Green Tea Basil Aoli  by Healthy Seasonal Recipes (recipe from  Steeped: Recipes infused with tea)

For a new take on the veggie burger, give these Black Bean Burgers with Green Tea infused aoli a whirl. If you make veggies burgers you may be familiar with the challenge of how to make some mashed up beans and nuts look a little more fresh and appetising. Introducing a vibrant green condiment to your burger assembly will perk up the whole meals appearance. And according to Katie these burgers are also kid friendly!

12. Baked Matcha Glazed Doughnuts  by Brina’s Bites

These doughnuts look too good to be true! They have Matcha in the batter and the glaze, and they are baked not fried, so they are a healthier alternative. This recipe makes an ample quantity of the glaze so no need to stinge on the topping. Thank you, Brina!

13. Glow Green! Matcha Yogurt Breakfast Bowl  by Food to Glow

Kellie at Food to Glow presents this beautiful matcha yoghurt breakfast bowl in her usual engaging fashion – her writing is guaranteed to make you smile! Quick, simple and easily customisable, this recipe is a great way to add Matcha into your breakfast.

14. Matcha Caramel Magnum  by Greens of the Stone Age

Gluten free, vegan and paleo friendly, this Matcha Caramel Magnum is made from a combination of 3 heavenly layers – matcha ice cream, matcha caramel and a homemade chocolate shell coating. A perfect indulgence for a hot summer day.

15.  Vegan Matcha Strawberry Tart  by Lazy Cat Kitchen

You won’t be able to resist the heavenly layers of strawberry and matcha in this dessert – creator Ania goes as far as saying you will need a padlock on your fridge! The best way to make the most of the summer strawberry season.

16.   Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups  by Keepin it Kind

These gorgeous Matcha Butter Cups are a healthier take on the Reeses version. A combination of dark chocolate, coconut butter and matcha powder combine to make a satisfying after dinner treat – full marks to Kristy for her creativity!

17. Miso Glazed Eggplant with Green Tea Rice  by Blue Apron

Here’s an inventive addition to the midweek menu. Eggplant, miso and ginger are a classic combination in Japanese cuisine and this dish showcases this delicious match of flavours. It’s set to a back drop of rice infused with flavours of Matcha, cilantro and black sesame… Yummy!

18.   Almond Matcha Latte  by Kitchen Confidante

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Matcha Latte somewhere! In my opinion, there’s something about the combination of Matcha and almond milk that just works, but you can easily substitute the milk of your choice using Liren’s super delicious recipe!

19.   White Chocolate Matcha Brownies  by Couple Eats Food

So this might be the third recipe on this list which features the combination of matcha and white chocolate – once you have tried it yourself, I’m sure you will forgive me (I could actually make a whole post dedicated to this combination). If you’re in a rush to put something together, this recipe is for you – quick, easy and delicious.

20.  Matcha Chia Seed Pudding   by Desserts with Benefits

This recipe only takes 5 minutes to assemble so that you can wake up to a tasty and nourishing chia seed pudding for breakfast! True to the blog title, ‘desserts with benefits,’ this recipe is both healthy and delicious.

21.   Matcha Coconut Pancakes   by The Healthy Foodie

Continuing with the breakfast theme, how about some pancakes? Pancakes may not be the healthiest breakfast that comes to mind, but this recipe is gluten free, and contains Matcha so if you add a generous topping of your favourite fruit it certainly makes a more healthy version!

22.   Matcha Banana Ice Cream  by Oh, How Civilised

Jee at Oh, How Civilised makes a simple addition to the classic frozen banana ‘ice cream’ recipe which results in this beautiful green ice cream! With just 3 ingredients and a blender you can have this healthy dessert ready in no time. Perfect for a quick pick me up on a hot summers day…

23.   Pistachio and Matcha Vegan Ice Cream  by Rebel Recipes

…And if you want to step it up a notch, here is a heavenly mix of banana, matcha, coconut, pistachio, almond butter and maple syrup. The addition of the pistachios on top gives the dish a sophisticated look and taste, and the coconut cream and almond butter add a rich indulgent taste. Perfect for entertaining friends, or if you just fancy treating yourself to something a little bit decadent without ruining your healthy eating plan.

24.   Raw Matcha and Mango Cheesecake  by vivo

Sometimes I’m put off making dessert because a lot of recipes make large quantities, and as much as I would love to eat it all, I also have to think about moderation (and I’m too lazy to do the maths to divide it up)! I was so happy when I saw that this raw cheesecake serves 2 (or, as the author notes, 1 if you’re hungry!)

25.   Matcha Macarons with Mango Buttercream  by Snixy Kitchen

Sarah from The Snixy Kitchen cooked 11 batches of macarons in 1 week to perfect this recipe! The result: vibrant green macarons that jump out of the screen at you. She generously shares detailed tips about what it takes to make the perfect macaron.
So there you have it.. 25 awesome and creative ways to use Matcha. I hope you found something you liked, and feel free to share in the comments if there’s a favourite of yours that I missed!

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