20 Easy Japanese Side Dishes


The right side dishes can transform a meal from something completely average to utterly delicious. In traditional Japanese cuisine, side dishes play an extremely important role, so it’s no surprise that there are countless Japanese side dish options, and that they are wide in variety and delicious in taste. You won’t find any limp side salads or overboiled vegetables here.

This list includes some dishes you can enjoy on their on, some that are great in combination with a main dish, and some that keep well, so you can add any leftovers to a packed lunch or Bento box (you can read about the difference between a lunch box and a bento box here).

20 Easy Japanese Side Dishes

1.   Simmered Kabocha Squash (Japanese Pumpkin)  by Just One Cookbook

This simmered Japanese Pumpkin dish has a delectable texture and is seriously addictive. I always surprise myself by just how much I can eat of it! It is surprisingly easy to assemble, and is the first dish I cooked when I moved to Japan, using this exact recipe.

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25 Awesome and Creative Ways to use Matcha


Matcha tea is a nutrient packed superfood, providing cancer protection, increased concentration, increased metabolism and glowing skin! (You can click to   read more about the amazing benefits of Matcha tea.)
It’s not surprising that you would want to try and add more Matcha into your life.
Not sure how? This list of recipes will provide you with all the inspiration you need to get started! Ranging from the classic Matcha latte to snacks, desserts and midweek meals, there is something for everyone in this list!

25 Incredible Matcha Tea Recipes

1. Matcha Milk Bread Turtles  by ful-filled

If you could bring yourself to eat one of these adorable turtles, the white chocolate filling and chocolate dutch crunch topping makes for a heavenly combination with the matcha flavour. Plus making them is super fun. TOO. CUTE!

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10 Benefits of Matcha Tea (why I drink a cup of Matcha every day)

Matcha tea powder is packed with vital health benefits. It’s a metabolism and immune system booster, powerful detoxer and natural weight loss aid. It supports a clear and relaxed concentrated mind, and it could help with cancer prevention!

Read on to learn why you might want to swap out your morning espresso in exchange for a zen matcha moment.

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